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Entertainment is core to your very existence. Can you imagine those Sunday afternoons without those thrills? DISH has made sure to offer extensive Hindi entertainment packages so you never miss out on your most cherished programming; no matter what the day!


Wherever life has led you, preserve the memories of your homeland and create exciting new ones with extensive Urdu entertainment; only on DISH.


Move to the beat of the dhol and get your whole family involved. Even bibi-ji won’t be able to resist getting up, shaking her hips, and singing along!


It's the little things that remind you of home. Keep the stories alive with DISH Telugu packages; the largest variety of Telugu programming available!


Morning, day or night; with all of the Tamil entertainment DISH offers, you can make any part of your day extra special for you and your loved ones.


Open your eyes and soak in the beauty of “God’s Own Country” right within the comfort of your living room. With the extensive Malalayam packages Dish offers, it has never been easier to open your home to the wonderful entertainment you’ve grown to love.


Keeping the connection alive is as important to you as it is to us. As you strive to do the best for your family here, we ensure you won’t miss out on your values from back home.


Start a new family tradition with DISH Kannada. Bring alive those cherished classics, pass on the moments that filled your heart as a kid and view this all-embracing entertainment as a refreshing way to solidify your roots.


DISH offers all-encompassing Marathi programs so that you can easily share your favorite entertainment with all of your loved ones.


Don’t let your child grow up thinking that ‘mishti doi’ and ‘amaar bongol’ are the only things that define a true Bengali – DISH Bengali Pack keeps it real and helps you connect to what is important - your home and your roots!


DISH offers the most in-depth Gujarati programming to keep you and your family up-to-date on the exciting news coming from Gujarat.


Want specific programming not available in your favorite DISH language packs? No problem – simply customize your viewing experience with DISH add-on packages!


Your favorite Cricket heroes take to the field to fight for their fans and DISH makes it simple to follow their journeys and cheer them on to victory! DISH understands your passion for this explosive sport and offers packages to satisfy all of your Cricket needs.


DISH Cinema offers the newest releases and the hottest Bollywood hits without hassles, lines or late fees. From spine-tingling Bollywood tunes to all of the most exciting Cricket matches DISH Pay-Per-View gives you front row access to the all of the biggest events.


Can't install a satellite but still want to see your favorite international TV programs? IPTV is your solution!

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Dish makes it easier than ever to keep up with all of today's top American entertainment with our comprehensive and affordable English TV packages.